"No one's ever gonna listen if you haven't made a sound."

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kat calvin

Innovative strategist. Creative thinker. Lover of Firefly.

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emPower: We Still Need To Talk About Race

Posted on Feb 13 by

We Still Need To Talk About Race The other day I saw a tweet advertising a new blog post titled “I Might Be a Little Bit Black”. Intrigued, I clicked the link. It’s Black...


kat on the Joy Keys show!

Posted on Jan 12 by

kat was thrilled to join the ranks of Blair Underwood, Wade Davis and even Meshell Ndgeocello as a guest on the Joy Keys show! Joy is a fellow geek and I was thrilled to find out...


Blacks in Technology: Attack of the Blerds

Posted on Nov 30 by

The new BIT Digest launched today and I am so excited to be a new member of the writing team! Blacks in Technology is a fantastic website and I am especially grateful to the...